Why to book with us

We are certificated on trip advisor with 99% five star reviews

Our ratings on Trip Advisor are well and fair earned. We are one of the few certified companies out of almost 1000 tour agencies and outdoor activities in Cusco. The reviews and testimonials of our clients explain clearly the high quality service, and safety tours we offer.

Our amazing crew of porters

Our porters are the backbone of our company and on this understanding we care them as best as posible; providing them with hiking panths, waterprof jackets, shoes, sunhats,plastic poncho, headlamp, food, and fair salary.Due to the good treatment we give our porters, they work hard and passionately for our clients. always smiling and attentive to any need you have

Ease of booking, We guarantee immediate response

Our customer say that one of the largest challenges they face while booking in Peru is getting an online response to initial inquiries.

We work with travel specialists that are all well-trained to understand the requirements and concerns of our clients and how to communicate with you in a clear way. We are conveniently open Monday through Saturday. You can expect a quick response from us through email, online chat or by telephone during our hours of operation.

 We just require 2 travellers to initiate a tour

All of our hikes and tours require a minimum of two travelers. If you have at least two travellers in your group, you can choose literally any date to begin your tour or hike (depending on the availability of Inca trail permits). We are joyful to place solo travelers in one of our existing groups.

Our tours include fluent spanish – english tour leader with university tourism degree and how to handle emergency situations

Our tour leaders are absolutely fabolous! All of them are from local andean villages. We got sure our tour leaders are very passionate and friendly; al lof them are constantly being re-trained in first aid,flora, fauna, history to ensure their knowledge is up-to-date. We also got sure our tour leaders are very passionate and friendly. They even know how to recognize when our clients may need assistance or when slowing down is necessary (even when the clients won’t admit it!).

Our expert hiking chefs will spoil you with delicious peruvian dishes

Our trekking chefs are magicians! It is hard to believe that they are able to prepare such a delicious meals with the conditions and equipment provided on the trek. We provide plenty of delicious meals in our hikes

We accomodate special Diets

We are able to accommodate vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, kosher or allergy diets. Your special needs will be taken care of by our chefs. Meals are prepared fresh and organic

Best new equipment

Incas Path Works hard to make sure we have the best equipment available.

Unique itineraries and trails to avoid the crowds

Incas Path makes a huge effort elaborating unique programs to maximize our group´s privacy, facilities and views. We truly believe the best way to give a ifetime experience it is avoiding the multitude of people

Your safety is our priority, we understood the huge responsability we have with you from the time you book a tour with us, that´s why.

Every year our tour leaders are re-trained and certified in First Aid. They work with a professional medical doctor to learn how to help a customer with different ailments and injuries including altitude sickness, stomach issues, sprained ankles, etc. Every guide travels with a full tank of oxygen and a first aid kit.

It is necessary to be very honest with your tour leader as soon as you are experiencing any discomfort. If you face from any medical conditions, please let your leader know during the briefing so he is prepared to give you extra attention.

In case you can not complete the trek for any reason, you will be escorted by a member of the crew until you reach a hospital or are safely returned back to your hotel. Your tour leaders travel with radios and will be in touch with the office to make sure a car is waiting on the closest road.

New comfortable and clean equipment

Incas Path makes a great effort acquiring Eureka timberline 4 person tent. We place only two people per tent to get sure there is plenty of room to sleep and store gear. A foam mat is included to insulate you from the ground. We also provide dining tents, tables and chairs. If you prefer to rent your equipment instead of bringing your own, we offer down, mummy-style sleeping bags, Therma-Rest inflatable air mattresses, and Black Diamond adjustable walking sticks.

Private portable toilet tents

Our hygienic, environmentally-friendly, private toilet tents are pitched right at your camping and lunch sites. on This way the national park toilets, which are usually far away and not always well-maintained, are not needed.

Sustainable and eco friendly travel agency

Incas Path is an eco-friendly and sustainable tour company. Here in the highlands we respect to much PACHAMAMA “which is our mother earth” on this understanding we have garbage challenge campaings every year on our trails, we don´t use plastic, we are paperless company, We use organic veggies, we reforest our planet little by little.

Our Staff recieves truly fair salary and comfortable working conditions

We believe our workers are the backbone of our company, on that way it is essential for us to see them happy, motivated and well backed by the company

We are commited to social projects for our workers and kids in the highlands

One of our main goals is to do sustainable tourism; supporting the local community with fair wage Jobs, to be the only and leader organisation helping kids to achieve their dreams through education, art and sports

100 % truly peruvian company