Why choose us

Passion for the service

I decided to work as tour guide due l loved to share about my history, culture, traditions, cuisine, the beauty of my region, attractives, and be in contact with people from all over the planet and give my best possible to create amazing experiences.

Now as owner and manager of Incas Path, we work  with a specialist and experienced team provide high quality camping equipment, great itineraries, well coordinated logistic and organization and huge motivational work, with our representative sellers, office people, tour guides, chefs, porters, muleteers for them to give their best; due they will be in direct contact with you and in joint work with our attractives and the regional nature beauty create a memmorable trip for you and your loved ones.

Sustainable and eco friendly travel agency

I opened Incas Path with the conviction of making a responsable business with the environment (mother earth or Pachamama as we called it here) and our community.

On that understanding:

  • We used alternative ecological materials to plastic. ( for your hike or tour please bring a stainless steel or bamboo water reservoir, we sell them at a fair an cheap price at our office if you would like to acquire them).
  • We reduced the use of paper as minimum as possible ( we are working hard to reduce it to zero).
  • We reforest devastated areas with native tree species (We have a huge reforesting project in my homeland in the Manu National Park part of the Peruvian Amazon jungle).
  • We carry out garbage collection campaigns to deliver them to entities in charge of recycling.
  • We associated with local farmers to use organic veggies for the elaboration of our meals.
  • We give back to our team with fair salary and comfortable working conditions.
  • We have everyyear campaings do donate books and school items in economical less favoured areas.
  • We have art and sport campaings to to strengthen the union of children and the community.
  • We are empowering women and our community (learn more about it).
  • We have annualy Christmas campaigns where we distribute toys or clothes, chocolate and sponge cake to the children and the community.
  • We are assiociated with a doggy shelter to help them with food.

 We are certificated on trip advisor with 99% five star reviews

Our ratings and recommendations on Trip Advisor and Google are well earned and show our hard work to achieve memorable trips for our visitors; We are one of the few certified companies of almost 1000 tourism agencies and outdoor activities in Cusco.

Reviews and testimonials from our clients clearly explain the high-quality service and safety tours we offer.

Amazing crew of porters

Our porters, our workers are the backbone and the soul of our company that is why we take care of them as well as possible; We provide them hiking pants, waterproof jackets, hiking shoes, sun hats, nutritious food, recreation events, and fair wages.

Because we work hard to keep our workers comfortable and happy, they also work hard and passionately for our clients; they will always be smiling and attentive to any need you have.

We just require 2 travellers to initiate a tour

All of our hikes and tours require a minimum of two travelers. If you have at least two travellers in your group, you can choose literally any date to begin your tour or hike (depending on the availability of Inca trail permits and manu reserved zone permits). We are joyful to place solo travelers in one of our existing groups.

Our tours include fluent spanish and english tour guides with university tourism degree and skills to handle emergency situations.

 Our tour guides are absolutely well prepared! All of them were born and raised in the Cusco and Madre de Dios region; we make sure to always keep them well motivated to carry out a work of excellence and passion.

They are constantly trained by a doctor and firefighters in first aid; They are also trained by experts in flora, fauna, history, archeology, etc. to guarantee that the information provided is of superior quality.

We also train our guides on how to recognize when our clients may need assistance or when it is necessary to decrease hiking speed (even when clients do not admit it!).

Expert hiking chefs will spoil you with delicious peruvian dishes

 Our trekking chefs are magicians! It is hard to believe that they can prepare such delicious meals with the conditions and equipment provided on the trek.

We honor all kinds of restrictions, such as vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free, lactose intolerance, etc. And we also serve generous amount of delicious meals.

Organic veggies for our meals

We are able to accommodate vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, kosher or allergy diets. Your special needs will be taken care of by our chefs. Meals are prepared fresh and organic

We associated with a group of local farmers to obtain organic veggies (organic veggies are pretty affordable here) so we use fresh and organic veggies to prepare the food for our tourists and team.

High quality and resistance new camping equipment

 We are dedicated to ensuring that we have the best equipment available, our tents are Eureka Timberline with capacity for 4 people and that we use it only for two people; in addition we use portable hygienic potty toilet and comfortable big dining tents ( included).

We also include a foam mat to separate and isolate it from the ground; for added comfort, you may want to consider upgrading by renting an inflatable sleeping pad, which adds three inches of comfort on top of the supplied foam mat. We use Thermarest and Eureka Timberline inflatable mattresses.

If you would like to rent a sleeping bag, we use mummy-style sleeping bags that can be used at -15 ° C / 5 ° F. Please note that if you are more than 1.95 meters / 6’4 «tall, you will not be able to find a rental of sleeping bags in Cusco in this case, it is recommended to bring your own We provide linings for everyone, which are machine washed between each use.

If you would like to rent walking poles we offer Dual FlickLocks that offer full adjustability to suit the terrain and adapt to changing trail surfaces.

Satellite phones, your safety is our top priority

Every year, our tour guides receive training and certification in first aid; They are trained with a professional doctor and a firefighter to learn how to help a client with different ailments and injuries, including altitude sickness, stomach problems, sprained ankles, etc; This is very difficult to happen, but if a serious injury occurs, we have a satellite phone that your guide and you can use at any time to communicate with a doctor.

In case you cannot complete the trek for any reason, your guide will communicate to the manager by satellite phone and coordinate a new logistics and itinerary for you; a crew member will escort you until you arrive at a hospital or are safely returned to your hotel.

Quick and easy booking process

Our specialized sales team will always respond to all emails promptly, we have a chat service on the website, email, skype, whatsapp and a customer service number that you can call us at any time while we are on hour attention in office; Our sales specialists are ready to answer all your questions and give you suggestions to facilitate the organization of your vacation.

Also our reservation and payment system is interactive and easy.