• Availability: Available now
  • Group size: 2-10
  • Tour Type: Trekking/Hiking
  • Max. Elevation: 3600 meters above sea level

Perolniyoc Waterfall Hike

90 USD Per person

Perolniyoc Waterfall Hike

Peru and Cusco are places that have tourist attractions for all tastes, from beautiful rainbow mountains, turquoise lakes, snow-capped mountains, beautiful archaeological ruins, Machu Picchu and even beautiful waterfalls such as Perolniyoc. The 1-day hiking tour to Perolniyoc waterfall offers you beautiful landscapes of the Socma valley, an amazing visit and exploration of the mysterious and little visited ruin of Racaypata and of course the chance to take a dip in the refreshing and crystal waters of the fall. Perolniyoc is a waterfall of 70 meters of fall, it has a great scenic beauty, but nevertheless it is still little frequented.

Perolniyoc is one of the most amazing places in the Cusco region. This place perfectly combines the natural beauty of a waterfall and the majesty of the archaeological ruin that is perched on its top. Perolniyoc is the name that local people gave to the waterfall. This is because of the two «holes» or hollows that resemble !pots or perol in spanish! through which the water falls and flows.

Highlights of our Perolniyoc Waterfall Hike

* We wish to give you the best experience on this one-day Inca Perolniyoc waterfall hike. 
* We have the best and most passionate team of workers.
*Be part of our social and environmental projects.
*Our one-day Perolniyoc Waterfall Hike has a fair and cheap price compared to other operators.
* Make your trip to the 1-day Perolniyoc Waterfall Hike, unhurried and with guides trained in first aid by a physician.
* We will visit the mysterious Inca shrine of Ñaupa Iglesia.
*In addition to all the above, we prepare food for our hikers and team with 100% organic veggies purchased from local producers.

Perolniyoc Trip Overview

  • Trek Type:Trekking/hiking, scenic, cultural and nature
  • Good for: Those in moderate shape or better
  • Difficulty:Moderate.
  • Season:From March 1st to January 31th

Day 1. Cusco – Socma – Perolniyoc – Racaypata – Cusco.

  • Hiking distance: 7.2 miles/12 km (5 hours)
  • Highest altitude: 3.600 meters above sea level
  • Considered: Moderate to difficult 
  • Meals: Breakfast,snacks and lunch ! All served as buffet
  • Weather: Cold in the morning, and warm during the day

We pick you up at 6: 30 am. from your hotel to then drive you for one hour and 20 minutes to Socma, which is the Perolniyoc waterfall hike starting point. Socma is a located into a beautiful valley where there are many potato, corn, carrot, beet and cabbage crops. Upon our arrival, our expert cook will serve us a varied and yummy outdoor buffet breakfast. Then we hike uphill for one hour to the Perolniyoc waterfall; along the path will be surrounded by dwarf highland trees and in some stretches, will hike on a cobblestone Inca Trail. The waterfall has a 70 meters drop, and it is one of the prettiest instagrammable spots in Cusco.

Continuing with the Perolniyoc waterfall hike, you’ll hike uphill for two hours to the Racaypata Inca site. This old Inca town is perched on the top of a mountain and from here you can see in 360 degrees the beautiful Socma valley. Let’s take a rest while your guide teach you, interesting facts about the archaeology and history of the Inca ruin. After exploring the archaeological complex, you’ll hike downhill for one hour and a half to your lunch spot. Upon arrival, our cook will pass down a cold fruit juice and will serve a delicious and varied buffet meal. In the afternoon you’ll be driven for one hour and a half to Cusco, where you arrive around 17:00 pm.

** This Perolniyoc waterfall hike, is the perfect short hike to experience pretty bits of the Andes mountain range.

Included on the Perolniyoc Waterfall Hike

Professional local english speaker Guides: all our super leaders grewp up in cusco region and studied tourism for five years at cusco’s university, they are friendly, funny charming, knowledgeable, professional and will care your safety into our one day hike

Permits:  As soon as we get your details and deposit, we will purchase your permits for the Perolniyoc Waterfall Hike.

Briefing: you should come to our office at least one day prior to your one day hike to pay the balance, provide exact information about your accommodation and receive some details for the tour.

Transportation: Incas Path will be providing all transportation for this one day trek. You will be picked up from your hotel at 5 am and brought to the trailhead and then you will be brought back to Cusco.

Food: Our one day trek includes expert hiking chefs who will will cook delicious meals that many previous trekkers have loved. We honor all food restrictions, so be sure to add any that you have on your booking form and let us know. Food is typically all served as buffet.

Water: We are going to provide you a eco friendly water bottle of 1.5 liter and then you can refill it in our lunch area.

Details: We profess that it is the attention to small details that separates us from other travel agencies. Each hiker receives a eco friendly water bottle, day pack cover and snacks.

Satellite phones: Our priority will always be the safety of our customers and our crew. While all our guides are prepared and trained to deal with most basic problems that occur in the mountains; Very rarely serious problems may occur that will require the assistance of a specialist doctor and that is when our satellite phones are very useful and necessary. Also if you want to call a friend who is anywhere in the world; from the Perolniyoc Waterfall Hike or from the dead woman’s pass on the classic inca trail; or in case you need to verify the puppy that you left at home with the grandmother. While satellite phones are not cheap, We believe they are very important for your security and to give you the best possible experience.

First Aid: Every guide has got training in first aid from a clinic and firemen. We elaborate mandatory training sessions every February on the hiking trails; which every Incas Path tour guide must attend. Your tour leader is going to have always a first-aid kit for basic medical problems.

Not Included on the Perolniyoc Waterfall Hike

Due we are hiking the one day hike program, each trekker needs trekking poles (with rubber tips). They are optional but encouraged for a better comfort. If you don’t want to bring it, it is available for rent:

  • Trekking Poles (Pair): $5


We would love to tour the Perolniyoc Waterfall Hike; with you and your loved ones and take care of immortalizing your visit to Machu Picchu. We can leave any day from March to January as the one day trek is always available.

Group Price (2020):

  • $90 per person

Private Tour:

Private tours are available and priced by party size.

  • 2 Trekkers: $90 per person
  • 3 Trekkers: $70 per person
  • 4 Trekkers: $60 per person
  • 5 Trekkers: $55 per person
  • 6 Trekkers: $45 per person
  • 7 Trekkers: $40 per person
  • 8 or more Trekkers: $38 per person

Packing list

We suggest you to carry lightweight backpack that the is key to feeling good during this one day hike


  • Original Passport ,
  • STUDENT CARD (if you booked as a student
  • Good daypack (the smaller, the better)
  • Comfortable hiking boots (lightweight with good soles) remember that the one day trek is entirely dirt soil


Inside Your Daypacks:

Daypacks can be any size for hiking, but we always recommend the smaller, the better. Some items are listed below

  • Sunhat
  • Rain gear
  • Fleece
  • Camera
  • Music (IPhone)
  • Toilet paper and small plastic bag for waste
  • Extra Money for Souvenirs, Drinks & Tips
  • Personal medication
  • First aid kit: band aids, moleskin, etc.
  • Sunscreen
  • Handsanitizer

Where do we pick up the hikers for the Perolniyoc Waterfall Hike?

Pick up will be from your hotel at 5:00 a.m. Please provide clear contact information of your place of accommodation when approaching our office in Cusco.

Where to pay the remaining amount for the Perolniyoc Waterfall Hike?

Most hikers arrive in Cusco 2 or 3 days before the one day hike or a 4 day trek for proper acclimatization. Once you are in Cusco it is imperative that you come to our office to review the last details of your excursion and also pay the remaining amount of your Perolniyoc Waterfall Hike

Reserve for the Perolniyoc Waterfall Hike?

We try to make the booking as easy as possible in Incas Path. We prepare a reservation form where you will complete and include all the details for the excursion, and then a deposit of $ 50 per person. Once we have all the deposits and details, we will reserve your permits. Once the one day hike permits are in our hands, we will send you your invoice and confirmation that everything is 100% organized. All excursions once confirmed, are guaranteed.

Permissions for the Perolniyoc Waterfall Hike?

Only tour operators licensed by the government, such as Incas Path, can obtain the corresponding permits from the government. Once we have obtained your one day trek permits, the name and start date cannot be changed under any circumstances. The only information that the government allows us to change are passport numbers.

Passport Number Update?

The government will only allow us to change passport numbers if we have a copy of the new passport and the old passport. If you no longer have your old passport, any identification document that you have in your hands will be accepted while the name is the same as in your passport.

Where to stay in Cusco?

You can stay in a hotel that you consider convenient, however you must have the account of the location of the hotel because the traffic within the city has become stressful in the last 5 years. Many roads are up to 100 years old; Especially near the main square the roads are only for pedestrians. We will notify you if it is not possible to pick you up by car from your hotel and coordinate another nearby pick-up point. For a list of recommended hotels, consult your Incas Path sales representative.

Where do I store my luggage?

All luggage not necessary for the hike must remain in Cusco. All hotels are very helpful and are quite accustomed to storing luggage of their guests, or if you wish you can store it safely with our customer service team in our office storage

Can I stay in the sacred valley?

Not, as the driving route to get the trailhead of the rainbow mountain does not go through the sacred valley of the incas.

During the trip, how challenging is the Perolniyoc Waterfall Hike?

This one-day hike will be moderate; the route is a cobblestone path in some areas and dirt soil in others.

Will I need extra money on the Perolniyoc Waterfall Hike?

Of course, if you want to buy some type of drinks, snacks, souvenirs «also remember that along within the Perolniyoc Waterfall Hike; just cash is accepted».

How many people will be in my group on the Perolniyoc Waterfall Hike?

We require a minimum of 2 people for our tour, and if you are traveling alone, we invite you to join our groups that start each day. We can have up to 8 hikers with a guide and if our groups are between 9 and 16 people, we have 2 accredited guides with a lot of experience in this one day hike. During the low season it is most likely that the groups are small and during the high season the groups are probably much larger.

Do you need hiking boots for the Perolniyoc Waterfall Hike?

We always recommend hiking boots, since if it rains a little the one day hike can become a bit muddy and slippery. Please make sure they have good soles.

Are trekking poles really necessary on the Perolniyoc Waterfall Hike??

For the one day trek we recommend the use of trekking poles for everyone, especially for those passengers with knee problems or older people. Remember, we have two hours of only downhill.

Are there any toilets along the Perolniyoc Waterfall Hike?

Along the one day hike there are 2 places that has toilet. Firstly at the hiking start, then at lunch. Please carry a roll of toilet paper in your daypack.

What should I expect from the weather on the Perolniyoc Waterfall Hike?

Please understand that this is a very difficult question to answer. Historically, from April to October it is the dry season, from November to March it is the rainy season, but in recent years our weather has been affected by climate change and today it is very difficult to predict. Remember that in the mountains the radiation and heat are very high during the day and in the evenings always cold. We always recommend a short sleeve shirt for this one day hike, long pants to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes, rain jacket and a fleece jacket and for the night a down jacket.

Can Incas Path please my dietary needs? What kind of food will there be?

For us it is an honor to please all kinds of dietary needs, just let us know at the time of booking. If you are vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant or any type of allergies, we have a team of chefs with a lot of experience in the preparation of all types of diets on the Perolniyoc Waterfall Hike. Also remember that we want to pamper you during your trip and for that reason we use 100% organic vegetables for the elaboration of our buffets.

What type of outlet is used in Cusco and Machu Picchu?

Most hotels and even homes in Peru now have the standard US output and also that of South America.

What is the standard procedure when it comes to tip?

Tipping is part of the tradition of any trip in Peru and, although we pay good salaries to our entire team, We always appreciate any extra appreciation. Keep in mind that this is not mandatory and that you should never feel pressured for this reason.

In general, participants in a group show their appreciation as a group for their porters and chef and a personal appreciation towards their tour guide, which will be according to their degree of satisfaction with the service provided.